Chapter 11, 12, 13

11.0.10 Application.

The applicant for a lot or parcel line adjustment shall submit to the City Manager/Recorder an application with the following information:

A. Letter of intent for the lot line adjustment which include(s) the reasoning behind the request.

B. Vicinity map (minimum 8˝ x 11 inches) locating the proposed boundary change in relation to adjacent subdivisions, partitions, other units of land and roadways, the location of public facilities and utilities with appropriate dimensions and the following:

1.Zoning designation of properties located in the proposed boundary change.
2.Square feet of the area involved in the adjustment.
3.Dimensions (in feet) of all resulting lots or parcels involved in the adjustment.
4.Area for the City Manager/Recorder to sign if approval is granted.

C.Letters of consent from all property owners with property involved in the proposed lot line adjustment, and written legal descriptions of properties.

D.A non-refundable fee as set by resolution of the City Council to be paid to the City Manager/Recorder as per Section 8.0.60 Fees and Professional Expense.

E.A plot plan showing the following:

1.Existing boundary lines of the lots or parcels affected by the parcel or lot line adjustment.
2.The location for the proposed adjusted line.
3.Lot sizes of all affected lots, existing and proposed.
4.Locations of all structures, including existing and proposed setbacks.
5.If the applicant is planning new construction, the construction plot plan of the proposed improvement shall also be submitted.

11.0.20 Criteria for Approval.

An application for a lot or parcel line adjustment may be approved by the City Manager/Recorder under this section if the following criteria are met:

A. All resulting lots or parcels must be no more substandard than the original lots or parcels with respect to minimum lot or parcel area, dimensions, and building setback requirements for the given zone.

B.All adjustments will occur within a given zone and are not permitted among differing zones.
C.The lot or parcel line adjustment must result in either the new lot or parcel line boundary being no further than 10 feet from the old property line or the lot, or parcel line adjustment must effectively eliminate one or more lot or parcel lines between lots.

D.Lot or parcel line adjustment shall not alter or impede the public right-of-way or any recorded easement.

E.A lot line adjustment is permitted only where existing or planned structures will not encroach within required setbacks as measured from the adjusted line.

F.A lot or parcel line adjustment shall have no affect on existing easements.

11.0.30 Map and Monuments.

For any resulting lot or parcel line adjustment, ten (10) acres or less, a survey map that complies with ORS 209.250 shall be prepared. The survey map shall establish monuments to mark the adjusted line when required to comply with ORS 92.060, Sections 7, 8 and 9.

11.0.40 Procedures.

A.The City Manager/Recorder shall grant tentative approval for the application for lot or parcel line adjustment if the requirements set forth in Section 11.0.20 Criteria For Approval are met, and the City Manager/Recorder shall advise the applicant in writing that the parcel or lot line adjustment is tentatively approved.

B.Within six months from the date of the tentative approval, the applicant shall prepare and submit a copy of the survey map that complies with ORS 209.250 to the City Manager/Recorder. The City Manager/Recorder shall indicate final approval by endorsement upon the map.

C.Any proposed adjustment not meeting Section 11.0.20 shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for their approval or denial based on the degree to which the proposal varies from the Criteria for Approval, and the impact of any such variations. The Commission shall then determine if the application is approved, approved with conditions, or denied. The Planning Commission shall indicate the final approval by endorsement upon the map.

D.Once the map has been endorsed, the applicant shall submit the map to the County Surveyor, and pay any fees required by the County Surveyor. When the map is filed, the County Surveyor shall indicate the filing information on the map. A line adjustment shall be effective when the map is filed by the County Surveyor, and when the deed has been filed with the County Clerk in compliance with ORS 209.250.

E.The City Manager/Recorder or the Planning Commission may refer any decision to the City Council.

F. Decisions of the City Manager/Recorder may be appealed to the Planning Commission.

G. Decisions of the Planning Commission may be appealed to the City Council.

12.0.10 Compliance with Applicable Regulations.

A.Annexations to the City of Glendale may be carried out when the annexation is in compliance with all of the following:
1. The annexation shall comply with applicable City of Glendale Comprehensive Plan policies.

2. Procedures established in the Douglas County/City of Glendale Urban Growth Agreement shall be followed.

3. Property to be annexed is within the Glendale Urban Growth Boundary.

4. All annexed property shall be served by City sewer and water in compliance with Sections 4.0.130 and 4.0.140.

5. All annexed property shall be contiguous to the City of Glendale.

B.Property that is not within the Urban Growth Boundary shall be subject to an analysis and preparation of findings based upon the Statewide Planning Goals.

12.0.20 Procedures.

Procedures for Annexation are set forth in ORS 222. The City Council may seek the recommendations of the Planning Commission in regards to compliance with Section 12.0.10 for all annexation proposals. The Planning Commission shall make findings to support any recommendation to conditionally approve, deny or approve the annexation.

12.0.30 Zoning of Annexed Property.

Zoning of annexed property shall be subject to Section 2.1.30 Zoning of Annexed Areas, and prior to annexation, Section 3.0.40 Determination of Applicability shall apply.

13.0.10 Procedures.

A.The vacation of a street, alley, plat, or other public place, shall comply with the procedures set forth in ORS 271.080 - 271.230.

B.Notice shall be provided.

C.Consent of affected property owners shall be obtained when the vacation is initiated by a private property owner.

D.Owners of the majority of the area affected shall have the opportunity to object in writing prior to a vacation initiated by the City Council’s own motion.

E.The City Council may seek the recommendation of the Planning Commission in regards to compliance with applicable regulations and may request the Planning Commission to hold a public hearing.

13.0.20 Compliance with Applicable Regulations.

Recommendations by the Planning Commission and decisions by the City Council shall provide findings relative to the following:

A.The vacation shall not substantially negatively affect the marketability of abutting property in terms of access, utility services, or the public welfare or public safety.

B.The vacation shall not conflict with the City’s Comprehensive Plan or with other ordinances.

13.0.30 Conditions.

The Planning Commission and Council may impose the following conditions or other conditions deemed necessary for any vacation at the applicant’s expense:

A.Retention of an easement for physical access, a public utility, or other public service facility, and limitations on the use of the area adjacent to such facility.

B.Construction or removal of a public utility or other public service utility.

C.Replatting or rededication of land to be vacated.

D.Improvement of street or alley prior to rededication.

PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Glendale this 13th day of December,

2004 by a unanimously favorable vote.

APPROVED by the Mayor this 13th day of December, 2004.

Flora C. Snyder, Mayor

Betty Stanfill, City Recorder



The City of Glendale ordains as follows:

Ordinance 01-2005
Section 1.1.20

Minor Variance. An authorized relaxation of the setback requirements of this ordinance pertaining to two-story structures on lots with one or more dimensions of fifty (50) feet, where such relaxation of terms will not be contrary to the public interest.

Section 5.1.60 Minor Variances
Minor variances may be denied or granted upon review by the City Recorder or the Planning Commission Chairman for the following:

Additional 5-ft. Setbacks on 50-ft. Wide lots for two story structures in a residential zone.

Application for a minor variance made in conjunction with a building permit application shall have no additional fee applied.

Section 4.0.90 (B)
The minimum area to be developed for a manufactured home park is one (1) acre.

Effective Date
This Ordinance shall take effect thirty (30) days from the date of adoption by the Glendale City Council.

PASSED by the City Council and SIGNED by the Mayor this 11th day of April, 2005.

Attest: John Poore, Mayor

Betty Stanfill, City Recorder