Feb. 10, 2014

February 10, 2014
Glendale City Hall
124 Third Street

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Mayor Jim Standard. Councilor Boal led the pledge of allegiance.

Present: Audina Jephson, Bill Boal, Polly Eells, Jim Standard, Adam Jones, Karen Mehl, and George McNew
Staff: Don Arnpriester, Ned Dausel, and Sina Streeter

Officer Bean reported to Council there were 125 calls for service in our community. There have been some criminal cases, one DUII, one meth violation and one probation violation.

Councilor Boal moved to approve the consent agenda as presented and was seconded by Councilor McNew. The favorable vote was unanimous.

Andrea Rossignol presented to Council a Business License for 127 Pacific Ave for an internet business assembling high end custom audio amplifiers. This business would be assembly, packaging and shipping only. The amplifiers are used for studio use, not car audio. The question was also asked about residing at this location and Mr. Rossignol said there would be no living at this location. His hours will be from 8 PM to 4 AM.

Councilor Eells motioned to accept the Business License as presented with Councilor Jones seconding. The vote was a 6-1 vote with the motion passing. Councilor Boal’s vote was noted as the opposing vote.

Roy Milburn of the Glendale Rural Fire Department and Kyle Reed, Douglas Forest Protection Association presented the Fire Wise program to City Council. This program is funded through grants from Title III dollars. There would need to be an established Fire Wise committee for areas throughout our region. The initial area noted was the Glendale Park off of 7th Street. Public Works Lead Arnpriester also noted other areas in the vicinity that were of concern to him as well. Mr. Reed explained the specifics of the program. There was discussion about specifics of the program and the commitment needed in order for this program to be incorporated by City Council.

Councilor McNew motioned for the City of Glendale to become a Fire Wise Community with Councilor Eells seconding the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

Connie Stevens, of 630 Sol Abraham, volunteered to chair a 7th Street committee.

The Public Works Superintendent, Ned Dausel, updated City Council on various Public Works business. He also presented a purchase order for USA Bluebook, PO# 4400, for $ 1182.59 for lab supplies. Councilor Eells motioned to approve the PO as presented with Councilor Boal seconding and the vote was carried unanimously.

Mr. Dausel presented to City Council Swanson Group’s proposal to extend water service to their new Boiler Project. This would extend the City’s service main out another 370’. There was a discussion in regards to whether to this project, if the City Engineer is involved, SDC charges, fire hydrant needed at the end of this extended main, and who is responsible for inspections.

After a lengthy discussion Councilor McNew motioned to approve Swanson Group’s proposal to City of Glendale Public Works for the extension of the water main to provide water for their newly constructed boiler plant on Glendale Valley Road and have Swanson Group pay for the City’s engineering costs incurred for this project with Councilor Boal seconding and the vote carried unanimously.

Recent citations from Compliance Officer Caldwell have been served to a couple residents. Mr. Caldwell’s report was issued to City Council.


Mayor Standard informed council that he was working with C.A.R.T. in order to construct a new gazebo in the Glendale Park located on 7th Street. There was also a concern to update the playground equipment in that park as well. Councilor Eells volunteered to work with C.A.R.T on this project. The next C.A.R.T. meeting is March 10th at City Council Chamber.

Mayor Standard presented to City Council some hazard trees that have been identified to be removed. One is in the park located on 7th Street and a couple cedar trees on 3rd Street just past the alley. There was discussion from Misty Morningstar in regards to removing trees in the park. Mr. Standard assured Ms. Morningstar that all of the trees had been inspected by forestry professionals and were noted to be of concern to public safety – the park tree was priority number one. Mr. Standard also assured her that a professional would come back out to evaluate the situation and provide a statement to the severity of this hazard.
Councilor Eells motioned to award the work to Jensen Tree Service with the stipulation to come back out and evaluate the tree in the park and put in writing if indeed it is a hazard tree. Councilor Jephson seconded this motion. The vote carried unanimously.


Councilor Jones commented he would like to deny Ned Dausel’s resignation he had given back in November based on the fact that Council had never officially replied to. Since Council did not respond to this, it was determined no action would be taken on Mr. Dausel’s retraction of resignation. Councilor Jones noted that with the future retirement of PW Superintendent Dausel the most likely action to be taken would be to promote within and having PW Lead Arnpriester step in to this position. Councilor Jones motioned to have Mr. Arnpriester take the lead on the Swanson Group project with Mr. Dausel’s support. There was discussion about certification requirements for Mr. Arnpriester in order to posture himself for this to happen. There was a suggestion to have Mr. Arnpriester take time during the day or work week to schedule time for certification training. After further discussion Councilor Jones retracted his motion but asked that from now on Mr. Arnpriester be included in future smaller projects in order to have more of hands on experience with project work.

Councilor Jephson asked for follow up for a grant from Cow Creek Tribe of Indians for $1,199.99 to be used for an AED unit to be stored in City Hall. Recorder Streeter informed Council that a letter was drafted and sent to Cow Creek for this grant. Councilor Jephson also asked about the train derailment and talking to CORP about follow up with the City. Recorder Streeter informed Council that her phone call had not been returned but will continue to make contact. She also informed Council that located at the front office is an Emergency Response Guidebook issued by the Department of Transportation specifically addressing materials and liquids being carried on the railroad.

Connie Stevens, residing at 630 Sol Abraham, asked for the topic of allowing chickens within city limits to be readdressed. Council informed Ms. Stevens that no action was taken on this matter as no one returned to discuss the matter with Council. There was discussion about bringing a proposal back to the next Council Workshop to readdress this topic and Ms. Stevens and Ms. Stevens agreed she would do so.

The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 8:17 PM.

Submitted by:
Sina Streeter
City Recorder