October 14, 2013


Glendale City Hall
124 Third Street

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Mayor Jim Standard. Councilor Boal led the pledge of allegiance.

Present: Audina Jephson, Bill Boal, Karen Mehl, Polly Eells, Jim Standard and Adam Jones
Staff: Don Arnpriester, Ned Dausel, and Sina Streeter

Officer Case reported on a few incidents having occurred in the past month. Criminal mischief, some break ins, warrant follow ups, a fight, and some other criminal behavior was noted to have taken place. Wire thefts are continuing to be taking place. Officer Case asked the public to note any suspicious vehicles if seen in areas they should not be.

Councilor Boal moved to approve the consent agenda as presented and was seconded by Councilor Mehl. The favorable vote was unanimous.


CCVCA is requesting Special Events Permit for a Halloween Parade, Costume Contest and Carved Pumpkin Contest. Councilor Jephson motioned to approve the Special Events Request as stated with Councilor Eells seconding and vote was unanimously in favor with Councilor Jones abstaining his vote.

A Business License application from Kale, John and Linda Brown for their business, Respecting the Game was presented to Council. The company will sell disc golf merchandise. Councilor Jones motioned to approve the license as presented with Councilor Mehl seconding the motion. The vote was unanimously in favor.

OLCC Liquor License Application was presented for Cooper’s Place. Councilor Eells noted they will only be selling beer and wine at this location. Councilor Boal motioned to accept the OLCC License application as presented by M&J Development with Councilor Jones seconding. All councilors voted in favor with Councilor Eells abstaining from vote.


The Public Works Superintendent, Ned Dausel, reported to Council. The approved O&M manual was received and copies are available for review. Amended copies of Sections 3 and 6 for the Waste Water Facility Amendment Plan were received by the Dyer Partnership and included in the City Council packets . The matter of utilizing the contingency money from the Sether Lift Station Project is being reviewed by the City’s lawyer in regards to public procurement procedure of how to proceed in hiring a subcontractor for the Winnie Walker laterals to be worked on.

Tracy Loomis of CCD and Fumi Schaadt of IFA met with City representatives to discuss finishing out the Sether Lift Station Project and how to proceed with the applying for the Waste Water Facility Upgrade. Councilor Boal motioned to proceed with the City applying for the 1% and 25 year loan with CCD and IFA assisting with Councilor Jones seconding. The vote was unanimously in favor.

Yearly calibration through Quality Control Services is required by DEQ/OHD. The cost is $360 for this calibration to be completed. Water fitting supplies need to be purchased to have on hand in order for the Public Works Department to complete replacement of equipment as needed. There are also turbidity meter light bulbs that need to be replaced as well. Councilor Eells motioned to approve PO’s 4352, 4353, 4354, and 4355 with Councilor Boal seconding the motion. The vote was all in favor.


Larry Caldwell’s compliance log was presented to Council as an update on what has taken place since the last report. CO Caldwell presented to Council Ordinance 04-2013 which amends Ordinance 01-2004 for the Regulation of Abatement by the City. Mr. Caldwell suggested having the work removal replaced with abatement in Chapter 90, Section 90.02 paragraph (F)(2). Mr. Caldwell also presented Standard Operating Procedures for Forced Abatement Procedures. Councilor Eells motioned to approve the revised ordinance as stated with Councilor Mehl seconding and the vote was unanimously in favor.


Audina Jephson nominated Adam Jones while Adam Jones nominates Councilor Jephson for Council President. No other nominations were made. Vote was 3 in favor of Councilor Jones and 3 in favor of Councilor Jephson. There was a coin flip for the tie breaker with Councilor Jones winning the toss to become the new Council President.


Councilor Eells motioned to accept George McNew’s application for City Council position #6 with Councilor Jones seconding the motion. The vote was unanimously in favor.

There was a discussion in regards to the complaint made by Doug Deurmyer against the Public Works Crew on October 3, 2013. There was a brief description of the incident and Mayor Standard updated Council the PW Crew debriefed the incident with himself, Councilor Jones, PW Superintendent Dausel, and Recorder Streeter. The Mayor felt this was a situation a “He said – he said” type situation. Councilor Jephson commented that she felt the PW Crew made a mistake also and wanted to know what was being done about the situation. The Councilor also commented this was not the first time someone has spoken to her about the PW Crew. Councilor Jones commented he has worked with the PW Crew and knows first hand what and how people react to the crew and the work being done on the streets. He understands the crew’s frustration especially when someone makes contact with them and a vehicle. Councilor Jephson said the complainant said there were no signs set out on the road except for what was on the back of the City vehicle. Mayor Standard reiterated there had been a debriefing with the City Crew. Councilor Jephson voiced it was Council’s responsibility to make sure something is done about a complaint that comes before the City Council and that it should go further than a verbal warning. Discussion continued about the complaint and how it should be handled. Mayor Standard concluded that the issue would be discussed at the City Workshop Meeting on October 28, 2013.

Councilor Boal noted compliance matters are not necessarily taken seriously by property owners and would like to see further action taken on removing items noted by Officer Caldwell.

Councilor Jephson asked about the rental at 203 Pacific and wanted to know the status of getting the property rented because the City had given the property owner a 30 day extension. Recorder Streeter had called Ms. Velasquez about the property being rented and Ms. Velasquez did say she had it rented out but the tenant was going to be leaving and the property would be up for rent again. Recorder Streeter pulled her file and noted there was a letter from her legal counsel (Mr. Powell) dated September 6, 2013 that Gloria Martinez was renting the property.

There was discussion regarding roadside cleanup on Glendale Valley Road on October 19, 2013. Council was in agreement and everyone would meet at City Hall at 8 AM. There would be a BBQ afterwards at City Hall for all volunteers.

The meeting was adjourned by consensus at 7:30 PM.

Submitted by:
Sina Streeter
City Recorder